Paper Reduction

Our Commitment to Paper Reduction

While our line of business does not produce the amount of pollutants and hazardous waste that many other industries contribute, we are certainly not exempt from the need to reduce our overall carbon footprint.  As a company that was largely paper intensive, we utilize Iron Mountain for the shredding and recycling of paper waste.  In addition, we made the decision to completely revamp our recruiting process and partnered with eStaff365.  In addition to drastically reducing the amount of both paper waste and storage needs, we’ve:

  • Improved the overall candidate experience
  • Increased efficiency of candidates and employees
  • Reduced overall errors
  • Reduced the usage of toner and ink
  • Reduced shipping costs and needs – which in turn helps to reduce the carbon footprint of our shipping carriers

A Glance at our Past Efforts

  • In 2012, we partnered with Iron Mountain to shred and recycle confidential documents, but also all paper from our corporate office.
  • In 2013, we worked with our supplier to transition to ordering 100% recycled paper for our copiers and printers.
  • In October 2013, all corporate employees were provided with reusable coffee mugs, drastically reducing our ordering from 38,150 cups ordered, (contributing to the 56,125 cups ordered across all offices). As of August 2014, corporate ordered a total of 9,500 cups (contributing to the 16,350 cups ordered across all offices).
  • In 2014, we launched the “Project PaperCuts” initiative that spearheaded communication between all departments in an effort to change internal processes and cut down on the use of paper.